Greetings Corvette Nation

…and thank you again for making Vettes on the River 2018 another record breaking Corvette event.

We have received numerous compliments and from folks asking for the Vettes on the River 2019 event date. We are still determining any future dates for Vettes on the River which will be reviewed in the November / December time-frame.

Again… thank you for your support of our Veterans and the Corvette hobby.


Congratulations and a huge Thank You to everyone who made the 2018 version of VOTR another amazing event!

We could not have made it happen without the efforts of all of our volunteers, law enforcement, Boy Scouts, Vietnam Veterans, and of course YOU – our Corvette family!

From the beginning planning stage of this event back in February, our committee members worked tirelessly to produce VOTR. Seven months of planning, organizing and working to host and event that was over in a few short hours. Wow!

Our preliminary numbers indicate we had SIX HUNDERD THIRTY FOUR Corvettes in attendance! Yes, that’s 634 – another new all-time record!

634 Corvettes is a pretty amazing number but even more amazing is the amount of money raised for our Vietnam Veterans. Thus far we have raised over $21,000 dollars for our two Veteran organizations. (This is a conservative number, as we are still receiving-in donations, and are waiting to see if we will be getting back our $500 levee security deposit) We will publish a final donation number when all invoices are paid, and all donations are in.

So everyone involved in Vettes On The River – please give yourselves a big round of applause!