This is our 7th edition of informative postings for our Vettes On The River participants and interested parties. We want to equip our Drivers & Navigators with all the information they need in order to make for a fantastic experience.

With 17 days to go we have 545 Corvettes scheduled to invade LeClaire, Iowa for Vettes On The River

Since this is such an important component of getting our Corvette drivers parked efficiently, we are going to lead off with Voucher information in every edition of our Rumblings.


Judging by some of the questions we’ve received via email, there are still people who are confused about their voucher. Note… Your voucher is not attached to this email. It was included in the confirmation email you were sent when you registered. If you did not get a confirmation email, it most likely ended up in your junk or spam folder. So for anyone who is confused about vouchers, this link will help you.

Voucher Imag
Your Voucher is your ticket into Vettes on the River. Please print your voucher and have it on your dash as you enter the show. This will get you parked at the correct location and expedite the parking process. If you arrive as a club, make sure you are all lined-up together and have the lead driver let our volunteers know how many Corvettes are in your group.

Check Your Voucher for Parking Location – Take a look at the top right of your voucher… There should be a large “L” or “S” printed. The “L” designates you will be parking on the Levee. Follow the signs that indicate the “L” parkingarea and our volunteers will help get you parked. If your voucher has the “S” designation, you will be parking on the street across from the levee. Not to worry, all the streets designated for Corvette parking are closed to public transit for the duration of the event. Follow the signs that indicate the “S” parking area and our volunteers will help get you parked.

Extra Traffic Help from LeClaire officers

Scott County SheriffLeClaire PoliceThis year we have additional traffic control help from the Scott County Deputy Sheriff’s department and the LeClaire Police department to assist us. As you enter LeClaire on highway 67 from the south, there will be signs to temporarily park off to the side of the highway as you wait to enter the event. Not to worry, the side of the highway has been paved so you won’t have to deal with any rocks or gravel. This will reduce the potential of having long lines of Corvettes on the highway while others are trying to just through town. The LeClaire Police will also be helping to direct Corvettes off to the side of the highway at peak times.

At the end of the event, officers will also be on-hand at 4:00PM to help expedite traffic off the levee and Corvette side-streets to get you on the road and headed home. They will be stationed at both levee exits and highway 67 intersections. REMEMBER… WHEN LEAVING THE EVENT, DO NOT STOP OR GET YOUR CORVETTE CAUGHT ON THE RAILROAD TRACKS!!! Make sure you plan ahead to be stopped safely on either side of the railroad tracks.

Be Safe & Have Fun

Vettes On The RiverWith an estimated 600 Corvettes descending on the river town of LeClaire, it’s going to be a little congested on the main highway 67 as we open the event. We have made some major modifications to our traffic control process to fast-flow the parking… and now we need your help…

Our volunteer set-up crews have between the hours of 6AM and 8AM to prep the levee and close streets for our Corvettes to park for the day. That’s not much time to prep, but we get it done! Now for your part… Please do not start lining-up at the gate before 7:45 as this creates a massive line of cars (both Corvettes & other drivers) through the city and down the highway. This creates frustration for the folks who just want to get through town to their next destination. For safety reasons, we can’t open the gates early due to all the volunteer and equipment moving activities. Lastly, be nice to our volunteers… they are trying to get you parked at your designated location as quickly and as safely as they can. Then it’s time to get your “Pride & Joy” parked, and enjoy the show.

More to come…

Look for more Vettes On The River Rumblings in the coming days.


See you on the levee! Z06