This is our 5th edition of informative postings for our Vettes On The River participants and interested parties. We want to equip our Drivers & Navigators with all the information they need in order to make for a fantastic experience.

August 1st and we have over 530 Corvettes scheduled to invade LeClaire, Iowa for Vettes On The River. 

Since this is such an important component of getting our Corvette drivers parked efficiently, we are going to lead off with Voucher information in every edition of our Rumblings.


Voucher Imag
Your Voucher is your ticket into Vettes on the River. Please print your voucher and have it on your dash as you enter the show. This will get you parked at the correct location and expedite the parking process. If you arrive as a club, make sure you are all lined-up together and have the lead driver let our volunteers know how many Corvettes are in your group.

Check Your Voucher for Parking Location – Take a look at the top right of your voucher… There should be a large “L” or “S” printed. The “L” designates you will be parking on the Levee. Follow the signs that indicate the “L” parkingarea and our volunteers will help get you parked. If your voucher has the “S” designation, you will be parking on the street across from the levee. Not to worry, all the streets designated for Corvette parking are closed to public transit for the duration of the event. Follow the signs that indicate the “S” parking area and our volunteers will help get you parked.

Explore Our Website

Most of you have used the Vettes On The River website to register your Corvette and order apparel items. We encourage you to visit the website often and explore. There is a ton of useful information there intended to help you make the most of your time at the show and in the town of LeClaire. Check it all out! Visit Our Website

Goody Bag Pick-up

All pre-registered participants will receive a goody bag upon arrival. Once you have parked, please come down to the registration tent and pick-up your goody bag. There are a lot of useful items in these bags, as well as game cards for some of our activities. Each bag also contains a poster of the newest Corvette – The ZR1.

Pick-up your VOTR Apparel

If you pre-ordered your Vettes on the River apparel, you can pick-up your order at the registration tent. Your order is bagged and ready for you with your name on it. Once you have parked your Corvette and pick-up you apparel order, please check it and make sure the contents are accurate. We want you to be happy with your VOTR purchases.


More to come…

Look for more Vettes On The River Rumblings in the coming days.


See you on the levee!