We have room for hundreds more Corvettes!

Thanks to the support of Corvette owners all across the Midwest we have over 360 Corvettes registered for the 2018 Vettes On The River show. Not to worry though – we have room for HUNDREDS MORE CORVETTES!!

Our Parking Committee does an amazing job and is pretty accurate in determining how many Corvettes can safely park on the levee and we are right at the point of transitioning our parking from the levee out onto Wisconsin street. We know some folks were concerned about whether or not they would be parked on the levee.

Last year we parked our Corvette on Wisconsin street and I have to say we loved it. We loved the tree lined street that goes up the hill overlooking the riverfront. Wisconsin street is closed to traffic and Corvettes line both sides of the street along with lots and lots of American flags. We definitely didn’t feel like we were left out of the event at all. The courtesy shuttle ran right by us and made it so easy to access any part of the event or town we wanted to visit.

Just check out this video to get a feel for the vibe from Wisconsin street! https://vettesontheriver.com/kyrocks-votr-video-2017/

Our goal again this year is to fill Wisconsin street and pack the Historic little River Town of LeClaire with Corvettes! Remember the purpose of the event – to raise money for our veterans and celebrate America’s Sports car. There’s no better place and no better event to do that than Vettes On The River!

There’s plenty of room for everyone in our Corvette family, so keep those registrations rolling in and help make this the best Vettes On The River ever. You will love this event – WE PROMISE!