You can contribute to the success of Vettes On The River and help us give to our Vietnam Veterans. The Vietnam Veterans of America receive no funding from the government. They are totally funded by their own fundraising activities and by contributions from the public sector.

Now with our Pledge program you can be a part of Vettes On The River, even if you don’t have a Corvette or can’t attend the event. Just choose an amount you’d like to contribute for each Corvette that enters our All-Corvette show. At the conclusion of the event, we will get the total number of entries and you pay the amount you pledged¬†multiplied by¬†the number of Corvettes.


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Example: Pledge as little as 10 cents per Corvette and if we end up with a final count of 250 Corvettes, your total pledge amount is $25.00. 100% of your tax deductible pledge goes to the Vietnam Veterans of America! Once we have a final tally, your pledge notice will be emailed to the address you provide below. Upon payment, your contribution letter including tax information will be snail mailed.

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