So you registered but you can’t locate your voucher. Here’s what to do.

Your voucher comes to you as a LINK in your confirmation email.  See the image below.

Clicking on that link should download your voucher.

Your voucher for 2018 will have your parking designation in the upper right corner and come already filled in. You will need to print your voucher and make sure you bring it with you to Vettes On The River.

If your voucher has blanks for your Corvette Year, Model, Color and your Driver & Navigator, City, State and Club Affiliation, don’t worry. We are working through the fix for this issue. Once we have the issue fixed we will post a notification on our website, social media and by email. Once we post the notification you will be able to login to “My Account” on our main menu and download an updated voucher.

Sometimes if there are a lot of people registering at the same time, it can cause the voucher to hang in the processing mode and not complete. If your email has a message that your voucher isn’t available, just let us know and we can force a voucher rebuild and resend your order email with the voucher link.

You can also click on “My Account” on the main menu and download your voucher from there.