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A Word About PayPal

Vettes On The River utilizes the services of PayPal to process online payments. PayPal charges us a fee to use their service. The fee is 2.9% of the total transaction plus 30 cents per transaction. Pretty reasonable. We have had a couple instances of Corvette owners cancelling their registrations for one reason or another. Things happen, we get that. The problem come into play when the cancellation is initiated on PayPal. When that happens and if the cancellation / reversal is processed, the money is fully refunded to the customer. But…PayPal also charges Vettes On The River a $20...

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2018 Corvette Count – June18 Update

Time For Another Corvette Count Update Total number of Corvettes registered for the 2018 Vettes On The River show stands at 429! Here is the breakdown by generation. C1 –     1 Corvettes Registered C2 –    10 Corvettes Registered C3 –   18 Corvettes Registered C4 –   21 Corvettes Registered C5 –   94 Corvettes Registered C6 – 131 Corvettes Registered C7 – 154 Corvettes Registered Make sure to join in on all the fun. Get your Corvette registered today! This is the one show you don’t want to miss.   Online...

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2018 Corvette Club Count – June 18 Update

Here’s the latest Corvette Club Count as of June 18th Includes clubs with 5 or more Corvettes registered. Sunburst Corvette Club – 32 Corvettes Registered Mid-Illinois Corvette Club – 28 Corvettes Registered Mid-West Corvettes – 25 Corvettes Registered Kalamazoo Corvette Club – 21 Corvettes Registered Cedar Rapids Corvette Club – 20 Corvettes Registered Windy City Corvettes – 18  Corvettes Registered Corvette Club Of Illinois – 13 Corvettes Registered Mississinewa Valley Corvette Club – 13 Corvettes Registered Star City Corvette Club – 11 Corvettes Registered Coles County Corvette Club – 10 Corvettes Registered Corvette Club of Iowa – 9 Corvettes...

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Friday Night Dinner

Join Us Friday Night at Go Fish Just up the river a few miles from our host city of LeClaire, Iowa is a river front bar and grill called Go Fish. If you will be arriving Friday, please plan on joining us after our Friday informal gathering on the levee at Go Fish in Princeton, Iowa. You’ll enjoy a short (about 15 min) drive along the scenic Mississippi River and a great location right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi for some great food. If you’d like to join us for this casual evening of great food and...

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C2 Registrations

Quick update on registrations. We are sitting at 427 Corvettes registered for 2018 Vettes On The River. Tonight we registered our tenth 2nd Generation Corvette. As far as overall number of Corvettes, we are about 6 weeks ahead of where we were in 2017. Great job Corvette Nation! If you haven’t registered yet, there’s no time like now to get it done! If you have already registered, it’s time to help spread the word to your fellow Corvette enthusiasts and make sure they know about this fantastic Corvette event. August 25 2018 – LeClaire,...

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August 25, 2018

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Riverboat Twilight

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LeClaire Levee

199 N Front Street
Le Claire, IA 52753

2018 Schedule Of Events

  • 08:00am - Gates Open
  • 08:00am - Breakfast Served at Pavilion
  • 09:30am - Twilight Riverboat Cruises Begin
  • 10:30am - Lunch Served at Pavilion
  • 11:00am - Color Guard Presentation Ceremony
  • 03:00pm - Awards Presentation
  • 04:00pm - THANK YOU - Get Home Safely
  • 05:00pm - Levee Open To Public