Well folks here we are with just 28 days to go until 2018 Vettes On The River takes over the town of LeClaire, Iowa for a day.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look back one year ago to see how we compare as far as the number of Corvettes. Last year on July 28, we had 262 Corvettes registered. Then on August 19 – just one week before VOTR, the number of Corvettes had jumped to 305.

This year with 28 days still to go, we have… are you ready?… FIVE HUNDRED & TWELVE  Corvettes registered! I’d say we are blowing this event up! Our official total last year was 522 so we are on pace for a new all-time record! Congratulations to our Corvette drivers and navigators for making this year the best Vettes On The River in history.